000090 Lisa Harlotte & Sandra Silvers & Pepper Sterling

13:06 video

Lesdom Water-Bucket, Crotchrope Torture for Two Submissive Sweater-ed MILFs
Sandra and Pepper are bound back to back on the pole. Large steel buckets are dangling from pulleys in front of them. They know what’s coming next, but can’t protest because of the mouth-stuffing and vet-wrap gags. Lisa joins them to make their predicament a little more uncomfortable. Using another length of rope for each girl, she ties a strict crotch rope on each of the struggling beauties. Each crotch rope is attached to the long lead with a bucket at each end.  Lisa then goes to fetch a full pail of water.  The girls react instantly as their buckets are filled higher and higher, dropping  the buckets lower and lower and pulling the crotch ropes deeper and deeper with every drop.   The buckets can hold no more, and neither can Sandra and Pepper. Lisa blindfolds her captives and lets them slip into the sweet agony of their situation.

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