000338 Lisa Sandra Lauren

16:41 video

Seized Secretaries Sensory Deprived & Orgasmic-ly Mummified during Interrogation by Rogue Red Agent Colonel Harlotova! Flying Mummifications!


Damsels of the State Part 4of4 - An Epic Bondage Storyline Event!


1960’s and the cold war is about to get steamy hot. The simmering tension leads to a soviet plot that brings two US Army and Navy secretaries  – seized in West Berlin and spirited away to extract information out of them that could turn the tide of this tumultuous time.

Assistant to the Army’s attaché - all abundant curves and ample bosom - is silver haired Sandra, who’s hourglass figure, golden skin, and sexy red lipped smile captures the attention and confidences of many top level advisors.  Sandra’s colleague, the lithe and limber, long limbed Lauren, works under the Navy Admiral, her wide eyes and brunette curls gain her many admirers, and secrets to keep…

Colonel Harlotova, a high level lesbian KGB spy of the Soviet State turned rogue, has been sent on a mission she most enjoys - wringing every ounce of info out of these two damsel detainees with her most dastardly of torturous torments.  The military MILFs she has seized are secretaries for prominent Commandants, and so have a multitude of knowledge to be extracted from the pretty pair’s minds...

Three ordeals the stolen secretaries have been through but are yet to expose their secrets to their captor… As the girls refuse to talk the Colonel orders her Corporal to ensure punishment of the pair by removing any possibility they have of speaking, or seeing, or hearing… all they will be able to do is feel.  He has wrapped the curvaceous Sandra and her tall companion Lauren from ankle to shoulder in black vetwrap, leaving just their bare breasts, feet and heads exposed. But not for long, their mummification is to be completed with a full hood leaving just their noses peeking out, as they endure orgasmic vibrations from devices buried deep within their wrappings, pressing against their well covered clits. Harlotova turns the pair on with a switch at the wall; a muffled mix of pleasure and pain escapes in moans through their stuffed and gagged mouths. Beckoning over her henchman, he tapes flat first Laurens big, bruised boobs before attending to the tanned, massive mammaries of MILF Sandra. Hanging from steel bars extending out from the wall the damsels in distress are suspended in their flying mummification, toes pointing and flexing, bare feet crossing as the waves of orgasm torments again and again, each one cumming loud and torturous - just what Colonel Harlotova really wanted to hear…

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