000297 Lisa Harlotte & Sandra Silvers

Two Kept MILF Sex Slaves Steal Time Together for Lip Locking, Lesbian Love, and Wanded Bondage Orgasms!

A Custom Video!

Sandra went about her chores as she was used to; hindered in her motions by a restrictive uniform of black stilettos, skin tight catsuit, corset, and gag under Gwen hood, every movement of her fine form accompanied by the jingle of chain from between her leather cuffed wrists and ankles. Today her solitary tasks are interrupted by a pleasure slave, spying an opportunity alone with the voluptuous, silver haired servile, enters the master bedroom, and proceeds to entice and coerce her wants upon the hesitant housemaid. Lisa, the busty blond, released from her chains but kept in her cuffs and collar, sugar pink to match her open bottom girdle (and pretty pink pussy beneath), runs her hands over the covered curves of her colleague, bending her over the bed and simulating the sex she wishes she could realize… But wait! An idea forms… collaring the curvy captive cutie, adding a leash, the submissive seductress leads her charge from the room, returning after removing restrictive layers and replacing, resplendent and re-laced into corset over bottom girdle, garters, and stockings to match leather cuffs and open-face hood. Now Lisa can provide the pleasures of her own position to her sister slave Sandra; softly caressing recently released breasts, sensitive nipples and quivering quim - delivering wanded bondage orgasms with a vibrator made to match Lisa’s own outfit ensemble. Pulling down Sandra’s hood and peeling off her gag, lips lock as the lesbians seal their sordid secret with a kiss…

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