000294 Lisa Harlotte & Sandra Silvers

10:11 video

Sweater-Clad MILF Damsels in Copious Coils of Clear Tape Attempt Escape from Abandoned Trailer! Pantyhose! Fancy Feet!

Clear tape secures every comely curve of the two sweater clad, long haired ladies to a chair … Lisa seated, ankles and wrists spread wide attached to chair legs and arms, offering peeks upskirt, while Sandra sits at her side on the floor, knees pulled up to her ample chest, wrists taped behind her. Crinkly, squeaking tape noises abound, as do the gagged gals muffled pleas for help through well stuffed mouths sealed over with even more packing tape. Realising no one can hear their calls the desperate damsels double their efforts in escape, kicking off their heels, feet flexing in their pantyhose, long toes spreading wide in their nylon coverings as every muscle in their bodies strain against their super sticky constraints. The see-through tape stretches under their force, their efforts causing the chair to scrape along the linoleum floor of the ramshackle trailer kitchen... Can the trussed up twosome escape!?

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