000285 Lisa Harlotte & Sandra Silvers

8:29 video

MILF Damsels in Distress, Bound Back to Back, Gagged and Hooded Together with Pantyhose!

Sandra and Lisa had called the air conditioning company hours ago about a fault, the heat in their house so unbearable, clothes had to come off to cool down! Stripped down to their nylon pantyhose, the silver haired stunner with curves in all the right places and her athletic, gorgeous golden haired lesbian lover were languishing on the sofa. They failed to notice as a van pulled up, or that they'd left their door unlocked...

We join the damsels in distress, back to back on the sofa, long legs stretched out before them, straining against rope binding ankles and knees, waving feet and wiggling toes encased in pantyhose. Their bare breasts bouncing, constrained by a chest harness, as they attempt to free their wrists, tied in their laps. Discarded nylons have been stuffed in their mouths, and more used to tie their gags in place for good measure. What could this opportunist’s objective be?

Seeing their struggles the muscular maintenance man decides to ensure escape is less likely. Watch as he ungags the ponytailed pair, showing silky fabric fully stuffed between red lips, before obscuring the view of the toned and tanned twosome with terrific tits, with a hosiery hood over both blond and silver head... hooded together, cheek to cheek! Tying the tights tightly between their teeth, and wrapping between their heads to secure the two, adding rope from chest to shoulders, he makes sure the MILFs won't be getting out of this predicament any time soon!

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